Zoom Whitening

In Office Whitening

Zoom Whitening is performed in dental chair . Where comparatively higher concentration bleaching gel is carefully used in safe environment and under trained eyes and process is sped up by using heat and specific light source.Zoom Whitening procedure time is 60-90 minutes depending on individual requirements.
With this procedure you get Brighter and whither shade in short time.

Home Bleach/Plastic trays

Its take home whitening.
Dentist assess your teeth type if it’s suitable for bleach or not and what type of concentration of gel to be used. Dentist makes custom fit trays for your teeth. They provide you gel to use at home in trays with verbal and written instructions.
With this procedure you get slow but effective results and you can use it at you own comfort level at your home whenever you want.
It’s one of the most popular and cost effective method.

Zoom Whitening Services

We help you in making your perfect wedding day even whiter and brighter with our special packaged teeth Whitening services for Bride, Grooms and family members.
Yes: Grooms too. A Smile is an important aspect of everyone’s persona and confidence.
Please CONTACT US for more details about Wedding Zoom Whitening Packages.

No-Gap* on Check-up and Clean for patients with HCF, BUPA, and MEDIBANK. Health Fund must Pay $185AUD. *Terms and Conditions Apply, Please call our caring team at 07 3886 0933 to know more.

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