Wisdom Teeth Removal in North Lakes

Wisdom Teeth Removal in North Lakes


A wisdom tooth can be quite painful at times, and if not removed, it can inflame the area, cause problems in the right alignment of the teeth and infect and/or other teeth. Wisdom teeth flare up in all the four corners of our gums. The complications for wisdom teeth usually arise when they fail to erupt from the gums completely. However, molars are a part of our mouth and to keep our oral health perfect, we need to get them removed if they are causing an issue. 

As your trusted dentists in North Lakes, we provide teeth extraction for patients whose wisdom tooth/teeth are causing them pain. Our dentists are both skilled and experienced in the extraction process of your wisdom teeth. They will ensure that you undergo the process painlessly.




Types of Wisdom Teeth Removal in North Lakes

Wisdom teeth are known as molars, and they are mostly used for chewing. The molars are located at the furthest at the back of your mouth, behind all the teeth and they are known as third molars. We have first, second and third molars. The third molars are located behind the second molars, on condition that there is enough space in the jaw to accommodate them. 

Individuals can develop up to four wisdom teeth, one tooth in every corner of your mouth. When all the wisdom teeth erupt along with the remaining teeth and they do not cause any issues then they are considered to be an asset. However, wisdom teeth are not quite easy and can give us a tough time. They either fail to come out properly, or do not come out in their position or come out in a weird angle. The scientific word for “impaction” is used to describe a tooth that does not erupt either due to inadequate space in the jaw or comes up as an improper angle.


Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Diagnosis in North Lakes

Direction of the impaction

There are certain terms used to indicate the position of impaction. Some of them are as below: 

  • The Mesial or Angular Impaction is referred to as the wisdom tooth that is angled in a forward position. There are 44% of cases that have Mesial Impaction, and it is the most common angle impaction. 
  • Distal Impaction is when the wisdom tooth is at an angle towards the throat.
  • Vertical impaction is when the wisdom tooth is angled towards the roof of your mouth
  • Horizontal Impaction is referred to the wisdom tooth that is angled sideways. It is an uncommon case and there are just about 3% of people that come up with this type of impaction.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in North Lakes


Our team at Kallangur Dental Surgery will help you get rid of the painful wisdom teeth. We are open from Monday to Saturday, and you can call us on our contact number 3886 0933 to take an appointment with us or visit us at 1423 Anzac Ave in Kallangur for the removal of your wisdom teeth. 

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