Wisdom Teeth Removal in Kallangur

Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Kallangur, North Lakes, North Brisbane

Your mouth consists of 5 different types of teeth – incisors, canines, premolars, molars and wisdom teeth. This is exactly the order in which they are placed with your incisors being in the center and the rest on both sides.

Your wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth in that grow in your mouth – 2 on the upper jaw and 2 on the lower jaw. Because they start developing between the age of 17-25 years, they usually create a problem. 

Wisdom teeth neither help you chew your food nor do they beautify your smile. Most of the time, they create a disturbance when you chew or create problems in your jaw. This is the reason why most of you have to get it removed upon its full growth.



When Do You Have to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth?

Your wisdom tooth has to be extracted from its root if you are facing the following problems:

  • Infection or decay of the wisdom tooth
  • Overcrowding of teeth in your mouth
  • Stiffness or clicking of your jaws
  • Infection or scratches in your gums
  • Incomplete or slanting eruption


What Happens After the Procedure?

Since a tooth has been extracted from the root, some swelling and bleeding in the area is normal post-procedure. Your dentist will prescribe you medicines and remedies to take care of yourself.

Usually, we recommend you to rest on the day your tooth has been extracted. Bleeding can be prevented by eating cold food and using an ice pack after the procedure. Within a week, you should expect yourself to be completely normal.

In fact, once your gums heal, you will feel a lot better since the troubles caused by the wisdom tooth are now eradicated from the root. 



How is Smoking After Wisdom Teeth Extraction Harmful?


If you have a habit of smoking, do try quitting the poison temporarily if you’re about to go through wisdom tooth removal. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) says that smoking affects your sense of taste and smell. The cigarette’s tar will discolor your tongue, stain your teeth and add a bad odor to your breath. It also delays recovery after any kind of dental procedure.

Thus, before you get your wisdom tooth extracted, go for a professional cleaning to remove stains caused by cigarette tar. It is advisable not to smoke after that, at least till you recover from the removal procedure.


Extracting Wisdom Teeth in Kallangur at Kallangur Dental Surgery

We, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, do not remove wisdom teeth on simply discovering their growth. Tooth removal is a complicated procedure and requires a lot of care. Thus, our dentists will prescribe you a wisdom tooth removal only if it disturbs or hurts you.

If you feel any pain or discomfort due to the growth of a new tooth, we are present all across Kallangur, Warner, Murrumba Downs, North Lakes, Petrie, Strathpine, Griffin, Mango Hill, Lawnton and surrounding areas in Brisbane northside.

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