Toothache or Dental Pain

A common dental problem faced due to infection in the mouth is toothache. If not treated on time, it can lead to spreading of infection that can cause tooth decay, swelling or infection in the gums. 

Thus, dental pain is to be treated as an emergency, even if it is extremely minor. Before the pain aggravates, it is advised to show your dentist right away. A mix of home remedies, prescriptions made by the dentist and dental procedures can treat toothache.

Taking further care and preventive measures help to keep you orally healthy.


Causes of Toothache

Both accidents and infections cause dental pain. Bacterial infection in teeth are very common that cause pain and lead to cavities or decay. Mouth ulcers, infection in the gums, jaw diseases, sinus and dental abscess are some other infections that cause toothache.

Coming to accidents, loss of filling, or hitting your mouth hard enough to loosen, crack or break your teeth also causes severe pain. Also, breaking of braces, inlays or onlays can lead to toothache.


Home Remedies to Treat Toothache

Of course, you need to visit the dentist right away even in case of a minor toothache. However, the following home remedies might give you temporary relief to help you bear the pain while going to the clinic:

  • Rinsing warm salted water
  • Cleansing your teeth with dental floss
  • Cold compression
  • Painkillers
  • Application of numbing gels
  • 2 drops of clove oil



Cleansing the Mouth

Dental pain is either caused by infection or by accidents that can lead to infection. In both situations, thorough cleansing of your mouth helps to prevent the spreading of infection. Hence, it is important to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and use dental floss to clear food particles stuck between the teeth.


Controlling Swelling and Pain

During toothache, the surrounding gums usually start swelling, causing more pain. There are two ways of subsiding this swelling and pain: 

Compressing ice pack on your cheek and around the affected area, and

Applying 2 drops of clove oil on cotton and placing it on the affected area.

Painkillers can also be taken, but it is recommended only in case of severe, unbearable pain. For children under 18, there are separate painkillers and they cannot take Aspirin.



Visit a Dentist Immediately

Toothache is a clear emergency situation. You need to schedule an emergency appointment and rush to the clinic while you’re providing temporary relief to your dental pain even in the car. 


Guarantee of Same Day Emergency Appointment for Toothache

We, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, understand the urgency when one is going through dental pain. Thus, we have a policy of prioritizing patients facing toothache to get an appointment immediately on receipt.

We have patients visiting from all across Kallangur, Warner, Murrumba Downs, North Lakes, Petrie, Strathpine, Griffin and surrounding areas in Brisbane northside.

If you feel dental pain, call us on  3886 0933 or fill up our online appointment request form right away. We are available at 1423 Anzac Ave, Kallangur.




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