Tooth Decay

How to prevent tooth decay:

Tooth decay occurs when a hole (cavity) forms in your tooth. It can affect people of all ages and even very young children. Having tooth decay can affect your health and lead to other conditions. However, tooth decay can be prevented or treated. We will learn here how tooth decay prevention in kallangur can help create awarness among community.

What causes tooth decay?

Sugar is the biggest reason behind tooth decay. people who eat very minimum sugar has very less chances of decay. Tooth decay is caused by plaque — a sticky layer of germs — in our mouth. The germs in plaque turns the sugar in food and drinks into acid, which can gradually damage your teeth.

As we know prevention is better than cure and we can assure you that tooth decay is very much preventable. However, You need to commit to a deciplined routine. Some people take their oral health very lightly and that leads to major problems such as decay of teeth. Infact this has been said that after the common cold tooth decay is the second most globally prevalent disease.

Don’t worry be happy!! At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we educate and create awrness aroudn importance of dental health. Our dental team informs our clients about how to stay decay free while discussing oral hygiene instructions during dental appointment.  We suggest you to go for your 6 monthly check up and clean on regular basis at Kallangur Dental Surgery.

Signs of Tooth Decay

We understand that tooth decay can not be known untill unless you are checking inside of your mouth regularly. If you are someone who looks very rarely the inside of your mouth, then there are chances you will never know that decay is slowly forming on your teeth. The decay gets to notice in mots of the cases when peopl efeel some sort of pain or discomfort. Sometimes people ignore it and will take some painkillers to supress the pain for temporary basis. However, If you can use a mirror and have a nice look in your mouth you can see what is happening there. Incase you see holes or pits, that clarifies that  you have tooth decay. Its time to call your local dentist at 07 3886 0933. There are  other indications of dental caries as well. See your dentist as soon as possible if you have:

See Your Dentist for regular check-ups and cleans to avoid expensive treatments later

Tooth decay is much easier to treat and manage at early stages. Furthermore, timely treatment helps in avoiding expensive dental procedures such as root canal therapy and dental crowns

During a dental check-up, our dentist can identify the tooth decay and many more concerns if any exists. Our dental check up and clean are comprehensive and they include:

  • comprehensive examination
  • oral cancer screening
  • full scale, clean and polish of teeth to remove stains
  • fluoride treatment to prevent decay and sensitivity
  • full mouth photos for your records
  • two xrays to see between the teeth, under fillings and crowns and under gums 
  • Personalised treatment plan if you need any further treatment

With this comprehensive approach  if you see our dental team at regular intervals as per your scheduled appointments, further problems caused by decay like gum disease and dental abscess can easily be prevented. We highly encourage you to come for your 6 monthly check up and celan appointment even if  your smile feels or looks fine as there are issues in our mouth that don’t show visible symptoms.

If you feel a toothache or tooth sensitivity, please do not ignore or supress with pain killers see your Kallangur dentist as soon as possible and get to the root of the pain and get it treated well with our amazing dental team.

Prevention is always better then cure still wondering why?

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we strongly believe that prevention is the best cure for all health realted anomalies, Including oral health diseases.

We have collated few most efective ways to win over tooth decay and have a healthy smile.

Tooth decay can be prevented by practising good dental care. This includes:

  • having sweet foods and sugary drinks only occasionally and, if possible, only at mealtimes
  • brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • limiting or avoiding sugary snacks
  • having regular dental check-ups — many dental health experts recommend an appointment every 6 months

Children’s teeth have softer and thinner enamel, so they decay more easily than adult teeth do.

If you have young children, you can help prevent decay in their teeth by:

  • cleaning their teeth twice daily
  • avoiding sugary drinks, such as juices, and sweet food
  • keeping your own teeth and gums clean and healthy to avoid passing decay-causing germs when you share spoons or taste their food

Visit kallangur Dental Surgery today! Together we can win this fight with tooth decay and keep our children and ourselves healthy. 

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