TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorder can be a genetic fault, the result of arthritis or jaw injury. Different people face the problem at a different level. If the problem is not so severe, simple exercises can be enough to cure the problem. However, in the most serious situations, TMJ disorders might even require dental surgery to heal.

Thus, you should be able to diagnose for yourself if you need to visit a dentist for a problem in your jaws. In order to figure that out, we are willing to help you educate yourself with this common yet serious problem you shouldn’t face.


TMJ Disorder Symptoms

You need to look for the following symptoms to suspect if you have TMJ disorder:

  • Frequency of headaches might increase
  • You might get migraine attacks
  • Your jaws start clicking when you open your mouth
  • Locking of jaws when you open or close your mouth
  • Feeling pain behind eyes, ears, in the teeth, jaws or anywhere else on your face
  • Stiffness or pain in the neck, shoulders or back
  • Sore and stiff joint muscles
  • Feeling dizzy from time to time
  • Ringing or stuffiness of the ears
  • Your fingers or arms start feeling numb

How Do We Treat TMJ Disorder?

Kallangur Dental Surgery has TMJ specialists who have prescribed all kinds of treatments for its disorder. Following are the treatments you could be prescribed for:

Medication: Painkillers may be prescribed to give you relief from severe pain you might be facing due to TMJ disorder.

Exercises: If your problem is not so severe, simple jaw exercises can fix the displacement of the temporomandibular joint.

Simple home remedies: Minor problems can be cured using ice packs and chewing soft food items. You shouldn’t have gum when you’re trying to cure TMJ disorder.

Mouthguards: Also known as splints, they are tools that prevent grinding of teeth and alleviate pain in the TMJ.

Braces: Orthodontists usually prescribe braces when the imperfect alignment of your teeth leads to problems in your jaws too. They are given to you, mostly for a period of 2 years and though the treatment might be a bit painful at times, they will heal your jaws completely.

Extracting or Replacing Teeth: Sometimes, there are specific teeth that are the root cause of your TMJ disorder. Extracting them from the root and replacing them with dentures or dental implants prove to be a permanent solution for stiff and painful jaws.



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