What to do if I chipped a tooth

Tips on Dental Emergency- What to do if I chipped a tooth


Kallangur Dental Surgery is a renowned facility that not only treats patients with dental issues but also provides exceptional dental emergency services to those in need. Dental emergencies are not looked at with the same urgency and criticality as other emergencies are. Thus, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, we have made educating communities we serve about dental emergencies a priority goal. 

Dental emergencies can take place when you are least prepared for it. Keeping yourself informed about the measures that need to be taken to abate the severity of the incident is critical. Hence, to ensure that our communities are updated with the right measures to tackle such emergencies, we have put together a list of tips that can prove to be useful in the occurrence of such cases.


Dental Emergency Do’s

  • Dislodged tooth: This is a common dental issue that we help our emergency patients with. In instances when you find that your tooth is knocked out, we recommend that you save the tooth, preserve it safely, and bring it to the dentist. The displaced tooth can be restored back to its place in the dental cavity if it is preserved correctly. The dentist will endeavour to check if this is possible. If not, our dental professionals can assist you in choosing the best restorative dental option to help you regain the functionality of your mouth. 
  • Preserve the dislodged tooth: This is one of the crucial steps that need to be carefully undertaken. The best way to preserve the tooth while you are on the way to meet the dentist is to either house it in its initial place or preserve it between your cheek and jaw. The main intention behind these storage methods is to keep the tooth moist. The tooth can also be stored in a small clean container filled with milk.
  • Deep cut on the tongue, lip, or inner cheek: The cut in the said areas is generally caused due to an accidental bite. In such instances, we advise that you wash the wounded area with warm water. After the area is cleaned thoroughly, use a cold pack to treat any inflammation. If bleeding persists, compress the area with clean gauze to curtail the loss of blood.
  • Cracked tooth: If an accident results in a cracked tooth, wash the mouth with clean warm water, and use a cold pack to treat any inflammation. If you experience pain as a result of the injury, apply a safe dental pain-relieving ointment or clove oil in the hurting area.

Dental Emergency Don’ts

  • Do not put foreign objects into your mouth. Use only dental floss or tweezers to remove any objects stuck in the mouth.
  • Do not place medicines (such as aspirin) in the hurting area to relieve you from toothache. On the flip side, this may make the bleeding (if any) worse. 
  • Do not treat issues such as a broken jaw on your own. Visit a hospital near you immediately.
  • Do not pull out the loose wires found in braces. Cover it with a piece of clean gauze and visit your dentist to fix the issue.



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