To maintain proper dental health during the holidays is a very difficult task. The season is often spent partying, vacationing, gatherings, etc. So it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits as well. While the holiday season is a lot of fun, lots of sweets can be harmful to your oral health. Thus, here are 12 tips to make your holiday season healthy and happy for your loved ones and together you can make this year’s holiday, a time full of fun and health.

Dentist Kallangur Tips To Maintain Your Dental Health During Holidays

1. Sugar-free food – Instead of eating foodstuff with heavy sugar content, eat sugar-free snacks and sweets. You can take sugar-free recipes from the internet and make them for your family and enjoy together.

2. Keep yourself busy – Keeping busy is a good way to avoid the cravings for too many sweets and other unhealthy foods. Holidays like Christmas normally comprises vacations for kids and adults. While it is a relaxing time to keep yourself busy, you can take up some activity of your interest.

3. Limit the consumption of soda – Holiday parties always have soda and it is a sweet drink, not good for your dental health. Try something else instead of soda or use a straw to drink soda to avoid it coming in contact with your teeth.

4. Brush your teeth after every meal time – This is for every season. Brush your teeth after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as it would keep your teeth clean and remove any food stuck between your teeth. Also, you would be less prone to continue eating. You should wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth .If for some reason you can’t brush your teeth 30 minutes after, you should brush before eating acidic foods. This will help you avoid the damage that results when you brush your teeth too soon after consuming acidic foods.

5. Dental cleaning – Visit the dental clinic for a clean-up. It would keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy and also your dentist can advise you best in case you are having any problems.

6. Eat your candies carefully – When eating candies, be careful. Eating hard candies wrong way can damage your teeth. Let the candy dissolve in your mouth instead of biting them. Also, brush your teeth after eating sweets or consuming sweet drinks.

7. Guard your teeth when playing outdoors – Protect your teeth when you play any sport. You can wear a mouth-guard to protect your teeth.

8. Eat veggies – At parties, don’t just rely on fried or sweet foods. Also, eat fruits and vegetables. They will be good for your teeth and stomach unless the veggies have too much butter or creamy sauces.

9. Avoid sticky foods – Sticky foods like caramels and toffees can harm your teeth by sticking to tooth enamel, and leading to tooth deterioration.

10. Don’t use your teeth to open packages – Do not open the packages or bottles using your teeth. You might loosen or crack your teeth.

11. Avoid biting your nails – Biting your nails or grating your teeth can result in sensitive teeth or lead to pain in your jaw. So avoid doing it and keep our hands busy.

12. Eat something before you go to the party – Before going to the party, eat something. It would help you avoid eating too much of party food and hurt your dental health.

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