Root Canal Treatment or RCT is when the dentist removes the pulp comprising of blood vessels and nerves from the tooth that have become infected. RCT can repair and save a tooth without having to remove it. There are certain signs that your teeth will show when they need a root canal treatment. Here are those signs that you need to look out for:

  1. Pain

    One indication to look out for is pain whenever you are eating something. Constant pain whenever you chew soft foods also, then you must see your dentist.

  2. Sensitivity 

    If you find your tooth sensitive to hot or cold things, then it may be a sign that your tooth or teeth need an RCT. Hot food or beverages such as coffee, tea, etc. and cold food or beverages such as ice-cream, cool-drink, etc. usually trigger pains in the damaged teeth. Normally the pain is dull in the beginning, but it soon it gets intense.

  3. Continued Sensitivity

    If your tooth/teeth pains when you apply pressure over it, and the sensitivity caused by it doesn’t seem to go away then it may be a sign of damaged nerves and roots. The pain will not go away until you do something about it. Moreover, the infection will spread and will cause more teeth to get infected.

  4. Cracked or Chipped Tooth
    If your tooth has been chipped off because of being involved in certain sports, or you met with an accident, ate some very hard food or have bad experiences in prior dental procedures then it can cause infection. Chipping exposes the nerves that lay beneath the teeth – it is just like an open wound and thus it gets infected quickly. This infection also tends to spread through your bloodstream. This will require a root canal treatment so your infection is cleared and the dentist will suggest that you cap the teeth, so your nerves stay covered.
  5. Tooth Discoloration 
    While certain foods, alcohol and smoking cause discoloration of the teeth, a damaged nerve too can be one of the reasons to why your tooth is discolored. A dentist can confirm the cause of discoloration and perform an RCT if there is a damaged nerve.
  6. Swollen and Painful Gums 
    If you have swollen gums which pain then or even a raised bump over the gums then you must see your dentist. Inflammation in the gums is normally caused because of infection in the roots and nerves.
  7. Deep Decay 
    Decay right at the bottom of a tooth is caused when the cavity that sets in has been neglected for a long time. This cavity begins to decay and causes the tooth to rot from within. This decay also tends to spread. A root canal treatment is the only way to cure a deep decay.

Thus it is significant that you maintain oral health and visit your dentist routinely to evade such situations. You should also check Dentist Kallangur tips to be updated on your oral health.

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