Root Canal Treatment in Kallangur

Root Canal Treatment

Main goal of root canal therapy is to relieve pain and “save” A Tooth which has been damaged due to decay or infection which cannot be filled with simple filling. Usually pain disappears after first appointment.
It’s always first choice to save natural tooth. Loosing tooth may lead to gaps, unaesthetic, loss of function, harmony and replacement can be really expensive.

Without Root canal treatment you may loose compromised tooth forever.
Root Canal Therapy normally takes 2 or 3 visits:
Once we have explained the procedure to you associated benefits and risks .After gaining Consent from your tooth is Anesthetized and Isolated:
• Removal of the dead tissue and abscess of the tooth and placement of an antibiotic, analgesic paste to relieve pain and infection .A temporary filling is placed to seal the tooth.
• Removal of the remaining dead tissue the tooth and Preparation for filling, placement antibiotic paste and temporary filling
• Final and filling of the canals
• Filling over successfully completed root canal
• Possible Crown Therapy

Usually A crown is advised after Root Canal Therapy.

Root canal is usually a very successful treatment. It may last years if completed properly. Some cases are referred to Specialist to achieve best outcome.
However every treatment carries risk and failures please consult our professional team for more information contact us.
Kallangur Dental Surgery’s Philosophy is prevention. We always advice regular visits to dentists to avoid situation where you may need Root canal Therapy or root filling.By getting Root canal treatment you can avoid loss of tooth.

One of the Major Misconception about root canal id that It’s painful. With using right Anaesthesia and technique it is a very comfortable procedure that some of our patient even had a power nap in dental chair during Root canal treatments.
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No-Gap* on Check-up and Clean for patients with HCF, BUPA, and MEDIBANK. Health Fund must Pay $185AUD. *Terms and Conditions Apply, Please call our caring team at 07 3886 0933 to know more.

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