Over 4 million people in America, including teens and kids, are presently receiving various types of orthodontic treatment, and probably your kid is also one of them. Research says that about 75% of teens and kids develop issues with tooth alignment and spacing at the time of developing permanent teeth. And the best solution to both these dental instances is treatment with retainers and braces. But, how do you know whether you need a dental brace or retainer in your case? Consider reading this blog to learn more about retainers vs dental braces in Kallangur.

Why Do You Have To Wear A Retainer Or Brace?

Are you among those people who think that the purpose of braces or retainers is limited to perfecting your smile? They indeed do so, but there is a lot more you can avail of from their use. Any misaligned tooth can result in discomfort and pain, and can also be difficult to clean, giving birth to serious gum diseases and cavities- like periodontitis or gingivitis. Retainers or braces can be used to realign your teeth, prevent serious dental issues and make your beautiful smile even more beautiful.

Braces Vs Retainers- Which One Do You Need?

Let the debate start! Retainers vs dental Braces in Kallangur – which one will be good for you? The prime difference between the two is while braces, except Invisalign, are tightly glued to your teeth and must not be taken off except during your regular dental visit, dental retainers are made using wire and molded plastic. They are easily removable and should be worn by the patient only for a specified time as recommended by the dentist.

A common misconception prevails that this type of dental treatment is solely meant for kids and teens. The truth is you can go for the use of braces at any age as required. Whether you are conscious of your misaligned teeth or smile, you are going to benefit from this treatment. And fortunately, braces have undergone a huge development with time, and the ones available today are hardly visible like they were before.

Can Retainers Without Braces Straighten Your Teeth?

Generally, the rule of thumb says that once your teeth have been straightened by wearing braces continuously for a certain time period, it is time for retainers to hold your teeth in their all-new position as they settle down and the gums start strengthening. After wearing them constantly over a span of time, you will only need to wear the retainers for a recommended number of hours daily. This means you enjoy the privilege of taking them off while eating and sleeping.

Talking of retainers vs dental braces in Kallangur, dentists use retainers instead of the braces to rectify small problems involving one, two, or three teeth at the most. A retainer can be very effective in treating a slight gap visible between two or three teeth or fixing a misaligned tooth. While it may take a little bit longer for a retainer to fix the issue that a brace would have taken, the benefit that retainers come with include less obstruction and can be easily taken off to maintain oral hygiene.

Is It Better To Use A Dental Retainer Or Braces?

Retainers can be used for minor issues only since they are not made from strong enough materials, realigning numerous teeth with retainers is not possible or will take a lot more time than braces need. Their main purpose is to hold the teeth in the new position once the realignment is completed and they no longer need a stronger support system.

Braces are however more robust. Ceramic plates or small metal pieces are fitted to your teeth and then attached by a metal wire. Pressure is exerted on the teeth and pushed in the position they should be by simply adjusting this metal wire. Since they work equally at the same time on all teeth, the braces are the best for treating numerous misaligned teeth, crooked teeth as well as malocclusion-whereby one jaw appears to be bigger than the other.

Final Note

Ending this note on retainers vs dental braces in Kallangur, it is clear that they are different from each other and cannot be interchangeably used for treating all types of dental issues. If you are still confused and unable to decide which one you should opt to solve your problem or are worried about the aftereffects, consult your dentist in Kallangur for help.

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