Preventive Dentistry

You might have heard about the very famous phrase “Prevention is better than cure”.  The best way to save your teeth and keep a healthy smile is to take good preventive measures at the early stage.

This is advised that if you don’t pay attention to the health of your teeth and gums at early stage it is highly likely that you can enhance the risk of various oral health problems.

Preventive dentistry aims at minimising or stopping dental problems before they develop. As we all know major dental procedures are expensive especially emergency dental treatments and treatments required due to oral health negligence for a long time. So the best option to stay happy and healthy is prevention. Take your first step to get a comprehensive check up and make a habit of visiting your caring dentists at Kallangur Dental Surgery every 6 months.

Taking preventative steps towards your oral health will not only save you money but also save you from those overnight painful surprises from toothache or tooth/gum  infection.

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we strongly focus on educating our clients to commit to prevention. Give our award winning team a call if you need to know more about how we can help you have a healthy smile this year. Looking forward to talk to you at 07 3886 0933.

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Why do I need regular Dental Check ups?

We highly encourage our clients new or existing to come for a regular dental check ups in Kallangur. On this dental check-up appointment our dentist will go through your dental concerns and will explain what is required to do moving further. Our check ups and cleans are very through and inlcudes the following to make your smile bright and healthy:

  • comprehensive examination
  • oral cancer screening
  • full scale, clean and polish of teeth to remove stains
  • fluoride treatment to prevent decay and sensitivity
  • full mouth photos for your records
  • two xrays to see between the teeth, under fillings and crowns and under gums
  • Personalised treatment plan if you need any further treatment

It is highly recommended to visit your dentist twice a year. This will help you to avoid and surprises and your would be able to keep your smile healthy without paying too much money.

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What is the use of Dental X-rays

Bite wings or commanly called dental x-rays are an important part of the diagnostic process. We use digital x-rays to make your experience better. These x-rays helps dentist see between the teeth and areas which cant be seen by naked eyes. This then help the dentist to find any problems with your teeth, gums, and jaw.

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What is Oral Hygiene Instructions at Kallangur Dental

Oral hygiene instructions allow the dentist  to show you how you can look after your teeth and gums at home. Your teeth and gums will be healthy and strong if you follow healthy habits. The main instructions include the right and proper way of brushing your teeth and flossing. This has been found that the majority of people do not use floss. So the dentist shows you how to use the floss to clean the food stuck in between the teeth and why this is important for your oral health in long term. During this conversation, the dentist will also share healthy dental tips and nutritional advice to keep you well prepared against untimely dental concerns.

Learn more how oral hygiene instructions can keep you happy and healthy

Why should a Teeth cleaning be done every 6 months

As we know we eat and drink various foods in our day to day life and our teeth are used in this process. Over a perid of time our teeth get covered with plaque and tartar. Thes plaque and tartar need to be removed from our teeth to avoid further complications such as infection, bad breath and decay etc. Our dental team recommends a 6 monthly teeth cleaning to keep your dental health at optimum level. if you have perio diseases then you might have to se your dentist at a shorter gaps such as 3 months or so as advised by your dentist at Kallangur Dental.

A regular dental cleaning also improves freshness of breath, enhances  your teeth strength, and keeps teeth healthy and away from disease. 

What are Fissure sealants?

Fissure sealants are used to seal the fissures on your teeth inorder to avoid decay and cavities. fissure sealants are very commanaly used for treating kids as they are more prone to cavities due to high intake of sugary foods they eat. This has been observed that fissure sealants are very effective preventative measures to prevent the decay. 

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What are the causes of Tooth Decay?

As we mentioned earlier when you consume foods that contain sugar and starch, the bacterial plaque produces acids that attack your teeth. Due to this, tooth decay begins resulting in destruction of tooth enamel. Due to our food habits plaque constantly keeps on accumulating on our teeth. Over the time,  the plaque and acid attack can erode the tooth enamel which can result in cavities and decay of tooth.

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How can I treat my Bad Breath?

Bad breath is not a pleasant experince to have for you nor for people around you. There are some temporay measures which yoou can use untill you see your Kallangur dentist. Few mouth freshners such as mint gums and breath freshner sprays can work for a while. Your caring dentists at Kallangur can find out the exact reason behind it and provide you a more reliable option. If you have been delaying your appointment give us a call at 07 3886 0933 and smile with fresh breath.

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What Mouthguards and Splints important?

Are you suffering from bruxism?  if your answer is yes! then you should wear a mouthguard or splint which has been custom made for your bite-size every time you go to sleep. Mouthguards are a necessity to keep you safe from dental emergencies while playing sports. This will protect your teeth from injuries and will keep you happy.

How much mouth-guards cost and why should you have custom-built for you

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Medicare scheme is still active in 2020 known as the “Child Dental Benefits Schedule” or CDBS. This is a govt. initiative to benefit children between the ages of 2 and 17 years.  If you have received a letter from medicare that means your children are entitled to receive $1000 worth of dental treatments over a two year period. You can also check in your myGov account as well. Please check eligibility criteria for certain income brackets to use this benefit.

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