How to handle a dental emergency?

How to handle a dental emergency? Tips by Kallangur Dentists


Emergencies can beset anybody at any time and be ill-equipped to face such situations can lead to catastrophic results. The thumb rule of successfully dealing with emergencies is that they must be met with preparedness and composure. The same rule applies to dental emergencies as well. Dental emergencies can be quite overwhelming as they compromise the individual’s ability to speak and eat. Hence, it is good to be informed about the immediate measures that can be undertaken to reduce and even counter the effects that entail dental emergencies. We at Kallangur Dental Surgery have resolved to educate as many as feasible about measures that need to be taken when faced with a dental emergency.

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Here are a few points that dentists recommend following in case of dental emergencies:

Be calm: 

This point cannot be more emphasized in any emergency situation, and dental emergency is no exception. Panicking in unforeseen situations will result in ineffective and clumsy solutions. Hence, the first advice that we extend to those who find themselves in the midst of a dental crisis is to keep calm and think with a cool head. This will help in planning and executing the next course of medical action that needs to be carried out.

Use what’s around you: 

Amid a dental emergency, the next thing we recommend to do is to quickly assess the surroundings to find things that can be resourceful in such situations. It would be helpful if a sanitary piece of gauze, ice pack, and safe pain killers can be found in the immediate vicinity of the emergency. The place in which the dental emergency takes place determines the effectiveness with which the situation can be managed. For instance, if the incident were to occur at an individual’s home or workplace, the situation can be met with more preparedness as opposed to the incident taking place in other locations.

Upon finding these resources, the person facing the emergency can use the gauze to apply pressure to stop any bleeding. The ice pack can be used to help subside any inflammation near the dental cavity. This will help manage the emergency to a good extent by when that patient can be brought to the dentist to get the treatment that he/she requires.

Call for help: 

Once the pressing issues such as bleeding, pain, and inflammation is managed on the incident site, the patient must be transported to meet with a dental professional to receive any further treatment required. However, if the issues are not managed despite undertaking the measures suggested, it is better to call the dentist or emergency care for support while the patient is on the way to meet the dentist. Many dental clinics now provide dental emergency facility wherein the patient is given necessary instructions to manage the emergency via call and an immediate appointment upon arrival. We, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, provide exceptional dental emergency services to communities in and around Kallangur and North Lakes. 



Visit your Kallangur dentist at the earliest to get the emergency dental treatment :

Sometimes, the instructions imparted by emergency dental staff may seem to have managed the issue. Nonetheless, dentists recommend that the patient visit a clinic to get the dental cavity assessed just in case something was missed. The patient must not miss getting assessed by a dental professional post the emergency. A failure to do so can result in the surfacing of other associated issues that can sometimes be life-threatening.

Dental emergencies must not be considered less when compared to other critical emergencies. They must be met with the same urgency as they too can impact an individual’s well-being enormously. 

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