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I clench or grind my teeth what should I do?

This habit of people grinding their teeth unconsciously while they are in their sleep is called bruxism. This is fairly common to observe that if

If you grind your teeth, you can get :

  • pain in the jaw muscles, especially in the morning
  • cracked, chipped or loose teeth
  • neck or ear pain
  • headaches
  • sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks.

In the day to day life it can also be hard for those around you to sleep – it can sound like stones grinding together which can be really annoying.

What can you do to avoid clenching or grinding:

Mouthguards or splits play a major role to help your relieve from the clenching or grinding while sleeping. You cannot ignore it fro long. More you ignore the treatment more your tooth enamel gets eroded.  The dentlal team at Kallangur Dental Surgery will help you by recommending jaw exercises to help relieve the stress in your jaw. However, for extra effect and protection an occlusal splint which is made as per your bite size will be recommended for use during sleeping hours to prevent grinding or clenching. The splint will work as a cushion between  your upper and lower teeth from making contact while you’re asleep. This will prevent grinding and hence tooth damage.

However, If you continue to suffer from headaches or pain in jaw every morning on consitent basis then please give our team a call at 07 3886 0933 for further assessment.

This consistent presure on your teeth can be due to some stress in your life. Once our team is sure about your case they will refer  you to a specialist or to your GP(General Practitioner) to help treat your stress, as this is a common cause for bruxism in today’s lifestyle.


Which Types of Sports Mouthguards Should I use

  1. Stock mouthguards
  2. Custom fitted mouthguards

Stock mouthguards  as name suggests are stocked at retail shops such as  pharmacy. They are cheap but they are bulky, uncomfortable, and interfere with speech and breathing.

Custom sports mouthguards are a flexible appliance made just for you and only you. Our amazing team will take impressions of your bite with digital scanner. Yes! no more GAGs and smell of that traditioan impression paste. These mouthguards are made out of high quality material, that provide reliable protection to teeth for people playing any sports. Give our team call at 07 3886 0933 if you need custom built mouthguards for yourself or your kids and play safe and stay happy and healthy.

What are the benefits of custom-fitted Mouthguards, Why should I pay more?

The measure advantage of custom fitted mouthguards is that they made just for you and they fit very well in your mouth. The experience and feeling of wearing custom made mouthguards is unique. They are made by a dental professional by taking an impression of your teeth. At our clinic we take dental impression with digital scanner, it seasy , fast and comfortable even kids love it. Custom mouthguards fit perfectly on the teeth as they have been built just for you and your bite size. The accurate fitting enhances the capability and functionality of the mouth guard. The user can easly talk and breate comfortablly while wearing custom built mouthguards at Kallangur Dental.

Wouldnt you pay a little more for the ease of use and functionality which comes with high quality and precision of a dental profesional as made for you.


We can do coloured mouthguards as well , kindly let our team know well in advance at 07 3886 0933

When Should I Wear a Mouthguard? Why?

Mouthguards are not everyones favourite when it comes to a decision or choice to waer or not to wear. However, pratically if you are suffering from bruxism or clench  or grid your teeth, you should waer them every time you go to sleep. If you play sports  you shoudl wear a custome made mouthguard to protect your mouth from sports injuries.


While playing sports you go through lots of collisions, wearing a mouthguard will help to absorb some of the shock experienced by a collision during sports activity. In absense of mouthguard you may experience  serious injuries like concussions, jaw or teeth fractures, and soft tissue lacerations to lips and cheeks. Similarly when you grind in your sleep and entance pressure is applied on bot the jaws which results in damage to your natural teeth. Wearing splints during sleep will act as a cushion between two jaws and will reduce the impact. if you still have any questions we  are just a call away at 07 3886 0933.

Where can I get High-quality Custom Mouthguards in Kallangur

Here at your local dentist Kallangur North Brisbane. At Kallangur Dental Surgery we can make custom fitted mouthguards at reasonable cost. Now you can play and enjoy your favourite pastime  sport without hurting your mouth.

If you have clenching or grinding habits then this can be a relief for you to wear custom made splints and sleep well all night. Enjoy your life and protect your smile with custom fitted mouthguards made by your trusted Kallangur dentist here at Kallangur Dental Surgery. We ensure that you get the professional quality mouthguards or splints for the best fit and protection that you always desired for.

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At Kallangur Dental Surgery in Kallangur, our goal is to make quality dental care affordable for all. We have interest free payment plans and recently we have added AFTERPAY as well. 

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