Knocked-out Tooth

This is the most critical condition one can go through – losing a permanent tooth or breaking it. The cause is always an accident and, in the situation, when you’re in immense pain, you have to act calmly too.

When your tooth is knocked out, you need to try and collect it and take it to your dentist. At the same time, you also have to control bleeding. Steps also have to be taken to prevent swelling of gums and spreading of infection in your mouth.


Thus, you need to perform a first aid while rushing to the nearest dental clinic. Within 30 minutes of the accident, you should be in the presence of a capable dentist.


Saving a Knocked-Out Tooth

When you feel that your tooth has broken or has come out, you need to follow the procedure below to avoid further damage:

  • Take out the tooth if it hasn’t come out or find the knocked-out tooth and take it in your hand.
  • You need to pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root. This applies whether you’re taking it out of your mouth or from the accident spot to prevent further damage.
  • Cleanse it in clean water, but do not use anything else. Do not scrub it or rub it too hard and don’t try to dry it with tissue or cloth.
  • If you can, try reinserting this in your socket for the time being. You need to do this very carefully with your fingers gently enough that it doesn’t hurt more.
  • The tooth is supposed to be moist and not dry. So, if you can’t put it in its place, you need to put it in a container with milk. If you have an emergency tooth preservation kit, use it.
  • Carry this tooth and go to the nearest dental clinic. At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we provide you with a dentist in such a situation right away.


Procedure of Healing a Broken Tooth

The procedure starts immediately, but the treatment that includes follow-ups will be long term. It is important that you have your broken tooth with you so that your dentist can replace it.

On the 1st day, your dentist will first cleanse debris and infection from the socket. Using soft wire and composite material, he will replace the tooth back in place.
You’ll take 6-8 weeks and multiple appointments to heal completely. However, you need to visit your dentist for follow-ups for 2-3 years to ensure the re-implant is intact.

Guarantee of Immediate Emergency Appointment

Breaking a permanent tooth is the worst accident you can go through. Thus, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, number one priority is given to such critical emergencies and a dentist is provided within minutes of your arrival.

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