Diseases of the Jaw
Oral health care is not restricted to merely teeth and gums. It takes care of the entire mouth, which also comprises of the jaws. Without them, you cannot open and close your mouth properly in the first place.

There are 3 common diseases that take place in your jaws. They may take place due to injuries, infection, inflammation, or cancer. Some of them are genetic too. At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we have dentists who are highly experienced in providing jaw treatments.

Infection of the Jawbone

Usually, the jawbone gets infected when you leave a tooth cavity untreated. It is also known as a dental abscess. This is because the dental pulp gets infected by bacteria when you don’t treat your cavity. This infection spreads to your jaws, affecting the entire body.
The symptoms include swelling or redness of gums, pain in the mouth or jaws and/or pus coming out of the infected area. Upon witnessing any of these, you must visit your dentist right away.
Following are the treatments usually involved for dental abscess:



This is a jaw disease where the bone weakens and dies due to lack of blood supply. Osteonecrosis of the jaw or ONJ is usually caused by medicines taken for cancer treatment or osteoporosis.

Following are the symptoms you look for to confirm the disease:

  • Your jaws feel numb or heavy
  • Infection, pain or swelling of gums
  • Loosening of your teeth
  • Your gums don’t heal after a dental procedure
  • Pus formation and draining
  • Visibility of a bone in your mouth

If you are diagnosed with cancer or osteoporosis, visiting your dentist before starting treatment can help you prevent ONJ. 

Taking good care of your overall oral health also helps you prevent ONJ. If you wear dentures, ask your dentist to check them and ensure that it does not affect your soft tissues.


Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Shortly known as TMJ disorder, this is one of the most common problems of the jaw. This joint is on your cheek, right in front of your ear, connecting your upper and lower jaw. Sometimes, the disc present on the joint slips away from its position leading to stiffness and pain.

You will be unable to open your mouth completely in such a situation. There may be a popping sound when you try opening your mouth wide. Following are other symptoms associated with the disorder:

  • Increase in headaches, neckache or backaches 
  • The muscles around your jaw become sore and stiff
  • Grinding, sensitive or broken teeth
  • Arthritis

You shouldn’t delay visiting your dentist if you sense any of these problems. Upon diagnosis, he may give you pain killers, exercises, or splints to treat your condition.



Ensuring Healthy Jaws

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, our dentists work together with your doctors to prevent or cure jaw diseases caused due to antiresorptive medicines or health conditions.

If you feel any problem in your jaws, do give us a call on 3886 0933 or visit us at 1423 Anzac Ave, Kallangur.


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