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Are you looking for a dental clinic that provides more than just dental services? If yes, look no further. Kallangur Dental Surgery is the place for you. We at Kallangur Dental Surgery, are not only acclaimed for the dental services we provide but are also lauded for exceptional customer service. 


Visit us to meet our team of expert dentists and support staff who will ensure that you are comfortable from the moment you walk in through our doors. Dental procedures can be daunting for many, however, we Kallangur, we have resolved to help our patients shed their anxiety and fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair by accompanying patients of all ages with a word of comfort and assurance. We have patients coming from KallangurWarnerMurrumba DownsNorth LakesPetrieStrathpineGriffinMango HillLawnton and surrounding areas in Brisbane northside.


Dental Treatments in Murrumba Downs

Our team of dental professionals will note down and evaluate your issues first, after which they will inform you about the best course of treatment that can help you feel better soon. We do not take our aim of improving the dental health of our patients lightly. Hence, in order to realize our ambitious goals, we have come up with a comprehensive range of dental treatments that include a regular dental check-up, periodic dental cleaning (once every 3/6 months), veneers, Invisalign, dental implants, and teeth whitening for occasions such as wedding and engagement. In addition to providing impeccable dental care services, we take great pride in offering quality service that is known to have improved the quality of life of our many life long customers. We are among the few dental care clinics who tend to our patients in case of emergency dental situations. 

Our major dental treatments are listed below in their said categories.

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Our General dentistry and preventative care treatments include:


Our Cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics treatments include:


Children’s Dental Health Care In Murrumba Downs

We believe in catching them young when it comes to educating children about oral hygiene and steps that they need to follow in order to enjoy the best of dental health which is bound to affect

one’s overall well-being. Kallangur has over time gained a reputation of being the most sought out dental clinic in the Moreton Bay region and we ensure that we cater to the dental needs of both our adult and kid patients. If you are looking for a dental clinic that can effectively treat your child’s dental issue, visit Kallangur Dental Surgery in Murrumba Downs to experience a tantrum-managed dental visit.


Children are seen to be most anxious about meeting the dentist and a lack of cooperation from their end will not result in the effective treatment of the issue. Hence, our caring team of support staff turns the child’s visit into an adventure or a fairy tale engaging the child in fun play while the dentist goes about fixing the dental issue. We encourage parents to visit us regularly to ensure that their little ones enjoy perfect oral health. Furthermore, we provide a home dental protocol for the children to follow which includes a routine of brushing, flossing, and tips to eating healthy so as to prevent tooth decay.


We have introduced a Medicare scheme called Child Dental Benefit Schedule, that is formulated to educate children about the importance of proper oral health habits in addition to teaching them the correct brushing and flossing techniques which will result in a set of healthy teeth that can serve them well in the long run. Under this scheme, children are eligible to receive dental treatments that total to a whopping $1000 that can be used over a span of two years.


As dental health can impact the overall wellbeing of an individual, we find that training, reviewing, and reinforcing a child’s good dental habits and routine, can imbibe it to be an integral part of his/her lifestyle. Registering your children to be a part of our scheme will prove to be the most accessible and affordable way to get them to learn and practice correct dental care. 


Emergency Dentist Murrumba Downs

Dental emergencies need immediate treatment. Ignoring the urgency in the matter can cause severe infections that can be life-threatening. Timely dental emergency services can relieve a person from severe tooth pain, stop the bleeding, and even save the tooth. In case of dental emergencies, contact Kallangur Dental Surgery immediately. Our emergency dentist will advise you measures that need to be undertaken on your way to our facility. Be sure to visit our Murrumba Downs center to get immediate care and treatment in emergency situations.



We provide an immediate emergency appointment in case of dental emergencies ridding you from suffering unnecessary pain. The emergency services we provide are

Choose Kallangur Dental Surgery to be your go-to emergency dentist in Murrumba Downs to receive quick, effective, and efficient emergency care.


Call us or book an appointment online in case of dental emergencies.


Laughing / happy gas sedation dentist in Murrumba Downs North Brisbane

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we leave no leaf unturned when it comes to bettering your experience with the dental services we provide. To add to our exclusive list of services, we have appointed a sedation dentist to cater to the needs of local communities in the regions of  KallangurWarnerMurrumba DownsNorth LakesPetrieStrathpineGriffinMango HillLawnton and surrounding areas in Brisbane northside.. We offer the use of laughing gas to help the patient relax and feel comfortable during the dental procedures. We assure you that utmost care is taken while administering laughing gas to our patients. Your safety is our priority. 



Your Trusted Dental Practice serving patients in Murrumba Downs

We take pride in calling ourselves a trusted family dental clinic that is determined to provide quality dental care services to patients in the Murrumba Downs region. To make an appointment, or to just enquire about our dental services, call 3886 0933. You can also book an appointment online.


Dental Implants Murrumba Downs Offer

Book an appointment via call or online to get a free Dental Implants consultation at Kallangur Dental Surgery, Murrumba Downs.


Teeth Whitening Murrumba Downs

We have introduced Zoom whitening, the latest innovative option to whitening your teeth. Whether you want the procedure done in the clinic under the watchful eye of our dentist or if you want to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home, we have got you covered by making both options available for you. Zoom whitening will let you flaunt your smile without any inhibitions. Contact us at our Murrumba Downs clinic to book an appointment or to know more about teeth whitening.



Teeth Whitening Promo for Murrumba Downs Community

Teeth whitening offers at Kallangur:

  • In-Chair Zoom whitening for only $399 (otherwise valued at $899).
  • Take-Home services for only $299

Book a combo of both offers by availing our Zoom Whitening In-Chair plus Take Home Maintenance Kit for only $599.


No Gap Dentist Murrumba Downs

Your first visit check-up and clean includes:

  • comprehensive examination
  • oral cancer screening
  • full scale, clean and polish of teeth to remove stains
  • fluoride treatment to prevent decay and sensitivity
  • full mouth photos for your records
  • two Xrays to see between the teeth, under fillings and crowns and under gums 
  • Personalised treatment plan if you need any further treatment


Terms & Conditions – With Health fund, No Gap service can be availed for $185. In the absence of a Health fund, the patient is required to pay $185 for the service.

This offer is for the first visit only.

To know more please call our caring team at 07 3886 0933


Weekend Dentist Murrumba Downs

For the convenience of working professionals, we stay open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our weekend dentists are available to cater to your dental needs in  KallangurWarnerMurrumba DownsNorth LakesPetrieStrathpineGriffinMango HillLawnton and surrounding areas in Brisbane northside.


No-Gap* on Check-up and Clean for patients with HCF, BUPA, and MEDIBANK. Health Fund must Pay $185AUD. *Terms and Conditions Apply, Please call our caring team at 07 3886 0933 to know more.

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