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Kallangur Dental Surgery is situated at 1423 Anzac Ave in Kallangur. Being one of the best clinics in the state, we have been receiving patients from many neighboring towns and cities of Kallangur.

So, in addition to the locals of Kallangur, we have patients coming from Kallangur,  Narangba,  StrathpineGriffinWarnerLillybrookMango HillPetrieLawntonDeception BayNorth LakesMurrumba Downs and all North Brisbane areas.



We provide all kinds of dental treatments – whether it’s a general illness, an emergency or improving your dental aesthetics. Our team of qualified and experienced dentists are upgraded with the latest tools and equipment used for procedures and treatments.

Our Dental Services

Our clinic provides family solutions to all sorts of dental problems. We provide treatments for general infections, accidents, severe diseases, and aesthetical improvement. Following come under the services we offer:


Cosmetic Treatments

Children’s Dentistry

Most children are scared of going to the dentist, taking injections or getting any other kind of treatment. However, they are also the most orally vulnerable patients. Hence, you need a dentist who is patient enough to handle their fears and inquisitiveness.

Our dentists at Kallangur are experienced with children for all kinds of treatments. As a family-centric clinic, we have had children of all age groups. 

In fact, children falling between the age of 2-17 years of age fall under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Thus, for a period of 2 years, they’re eligible for regular check-ups and treatments worth $1000.


Dental Emergencies at Brisbane

Emergencies are situations where waiting can cause greater damage. Thus, we prioritize patients who have one and provide them with an appointment as soon as possible on the same day. 

Emergency situations include the following:


Attending to emergencies immediately is a part of our policy. In case of any of the above situations, if you feel you can make it to us, call us on 3886 0933 or fill out an online application for an emergency, same day appointment while you’re commuting. You can reach 1423 Anzac Ave, Kallangur and get an appointment right away as well.


Kallangur Dental Surgery – Among the Trusted Dentists at Brisbane

Kallangur Dental Surgery focuses on promoting oral health of every individual. We cater to families and provide them with special benefits such as inclusion of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. 

Our gentle and experienced dentists have provided successfully safe treatments and have helped prevent further problems. You may say, that we focus on preventive care, emergency care and dentistry for children. 

We continuously upgrade our clinic as well as the dentists here with the latest technological updates in the diagnosis, procedures and treatments. Thus, without compromising on your aesthetics, we provide solutions to all kinds of dental problems. 

Thus, we are considered as one of the most trusted dental clinics all across Kallangur and even beyond. We have also served patients coming from Brisbane and surrounding areas, mostly from the northern side.


Dental Implants Brisbane Offer

Dental implants are restorations you may require to treat imperfections or infections in your mouth. If you are looking for single tooth dental implants, you’ll get fixtures and crowns at the most reasonable rates.


Services for Whitening Teeth

There are two types of services you can avail to whiten your teeth – either in the clinic or at home. So, you can either have the dentist whiten your teeth himself or he may provide you with professional equipment to take home.

The first kind – where you whiten your teeth with one appointment at the clinic is called zoom whitening. Your teeth will become 8 times whiter than before. This is done using zoom hydrogen peroxide on your teeth. 

On the other hand, if you want a take-away home service, the dentist provides you with a professional bleach tray. It has dental floss and other items that’ll clean your teeth better than a regular brush and toothpaste. You’ll be guided on how to use it before you make your purchase.



Promotional Offers for Teeth Whitening

Usually, zoom whitening costs $899. However, you can now avail this at only $399! The take-away home service is cheaper at a price of $299.

Usually, taking both can benefit you as you can maintain your whitening with your bleaching kit at home. So, if you wish to avail a combination of both, you again get an off of $100. This means, that taking both zoom whitening and take-away home service will cost you only $599.


No Gap Needed for Check-up and Cleaning

Normally, if you go for just a regular check-up, you return with a prescription. No treatment takes place on that day. However, if you want, at Kallangur Dental clinic you can avail a check-up along with cleaning without any gap.

This costs you $185 if you don’t have dental insurance.

However, in case you have one, the insurance will pay at least $185 or more, depending on your case. 



Availability on Weekends for Patients at Brisbane

We understand that when you’re coming all the way from Brisbane, you cannot afford to spend your office hours here, unless it’s an emergency.

Thus, we are available for check-ups and treatments on Saturdays between 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Patients visit us from Brisbane and its surrounding areas. In fact, we have patients coming from all areas between Kallangur and Brisbane.

You may call us on 3886 0933 or fill up an online form for appointments. We are located at 1423 Anzac Ave at Kallangur.

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PH: 07 3886 0933



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No-Gap* on Check-up and Clean for patients with HCF, BUPA, and MEDIBANK. Health Fund must Pay $185AUD. *Terms and Conditions Apply, Please call our caring team at 07 3886 0933 to know more.

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