Dental Sealants

Dental fissure sealants are a protective layer applied on the chewing teeth (the molars) to reduce tooth decay Applying a sealant is quick and painless and can be done by our dental team in Kallangur.

Sealant is most commonly applied to the grooves, known as fissures, and pits of the back molars. These are the most common locations for cavities in the teeth. The procedure can be done by a dentist.

Fissure sealants are a white or clear composite resin, similar to a white tooth filling. The sealants provide a barrier against bacteria that can cause plaque. They are designed to prevent tooth decay and cavities.

The Benefit and risks of  Dental Sealants

Sealants are an easy and effective approach to reduce teeth decay. They provide extra safety from decay, even to individuals who drink fluoridated water and brush with fluoride toothpaste. The fluoride in water and toothpaste doesn’t easily attain into deep grooves or pits. Even the bristles of a toothbrush won’t reach that far.

  •  Patients with frequent dry mouth can be benefitted by Dental sealants.
  • Dental Sealants have a natural look, therefore it is barely noticed if patient had sealants.

Complications are rare but may include an hypersensitive reaction to the sealant, or a change in your jaw bite if the sealant layer is thick.

How a Dental Sealant Procedure is done?

Having fissure sealants carried out is a short and painless procedure. It usually takes a couple of minutes in line with teeth and is less complex than having a cavity filling. There is no want for anaesthetic and normally no drilling.

Common steps for the dental sealant procedure:

  • Smoothen and dry the teeth
  • Dentist will put together the enamel floor in order that the sealant bonds well
  • Clinician will paint on the liquid sealant, with a purpose to flow into the deep grooves and pits
  • Clinician will bond and harden the sealant with a strong light
  • Dentist will test your bite and varnish off any excess sealant

What to expect after a dental fissure sealants procedure

You should clean your teeth as usual and practise good oral hygiene. Your teeth will be easier to clean because the brush will reach all surfaces.

Kallangur Dental Surgery: Looking after your smile 

Always remember prevention is better than cure. If you want to have a healthy smile and want to avoid extensive and costly dental procedures, keep your smile checked every 6 months at your caring Kallangur dentist. fissure sealants are beneficial for children as well as adults. However, the earlier you talk to our team and undergo the required treatment, the better the results. Visit Kallangur Dental Surgery in North Side Brisbane and enjoy the amazing benefits of sealants for your smile.

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