Losing a tooth doesn’t mean you should leave the area empty. Not only does it hinder your beautiful smile but causes oral health problems in the future too. Dental implants have given back millions of people their smile, confidence and good oral health. You can replace your lost tooth or teeth with newer ones with the help of surgery. Here is why getting dental implants is the right choice to make:

Good Dental Health

Loss of teeth leaves gaps on the gums. These gaps cause problems in your dental health in the future. With time the teeth surrounding the gaps will shift and destroy your set of teeth completely as they begin to look crooked and warped. If you have lost a tooth/teeth because of a periodontal disease then the risk of keeping the place empty increases. Those who have partial dentures are also exposed to damage of gums which can be caused by the hooks and metal clasps in the dentures. Getting a dental implant is artificially giving a new root and tooth to the empty place.

Prevents Bone Loss

Dental Implants

A gap between your teeth after you lose a tooth/teeth leads to loss of bone in the jaws. Having fewer teeth has a bigger impact on the structure of your jawline which ultimately changes the way your face looks. Dental implants help in holding the structure of the jawbone in place. It also encourages bone growth and keeps the remaining set of teeth healthy. The implants fuse with the jawbone and become an artificial root. It also boosts bone growth around it which is known as osseointegration in medical terms.


Restores Your Confidence and Boost Self-Esteem

You may feel shy to laugh if there you have several teeth missing. People at times make fun and you may not feel confident enough to speak to everyone.

Healthy Lifestyle

Losing teeth also causes problems in chewing food. Moreover as discussed above it invites more gum and teeth problems which make it hard for you to eat food normally. Your teeth usually become sensitive to extreme cold or hot things. Some may even complain of sensitivity while consuming sugar. You don’t feel the joy of good food when you are eating restrictively. Parties and social gatherings where food and drinks are a way to have fun will no more be something that you can enjoy. Dental implants give back your teeth and gums their original strength. Sensitive teeth will no longer be a problem so you can freely drink a bowl of hot soup or relish your favorite ice-cream. You will also be able to chew all types of food.

Remember the saying – ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. Getting dental implants on time will keep you safe from different types of dental problems that may happen in the future. There are many good oral health clinics in Kallangur that offer dental implants. Get an appointment to get your dental implant and get back your healthy and confident smile once again.

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