Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to beauty treatments performed by dentists to make your smile look pretty. Not everybody is blessed with a lovely smile. The reasons behind this could be yellow teeth, improper alignment or uneven teeth.

If you notice any of the above when you open your mouth and smile, you probably need a dental treatment to improve the imperfection. 


At Kallangur Dental Surgery, we provide cosmetic dental treatments of all kinds to make sure you love looking at the smile on the mirror.


Services Offered by Us for Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

By removing the worst of stains from your teeth and polishing them over and over again, we make them 8 times whiter than earlier. From dirty yellow teeth that you might be having when you came, you’ll have shining white teeth while going back – the way you see it in toothpaste advertisements.

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Home Take-Aways

Coming here to polish your teeth white would be your one-time preference. What about maintaining them? We all had white teeth in childhood, which became yellow with time. Once they’re white again, it’s impossible to see them turn yellow again. This is why we provide you with dental bleaches that you can take home and use by yourself to maintain white teeth.


These are dental aligners that help straightening crooked teeth. Crooked teeth not only look bad, but also prove to be problematic when we want to bite food. Unlike metal braces that may make your teeth look ugly while they’re on, these are completely transparent and invisible. Moreover, they’re removable too.


A dental veneer is a thin shell that is shaped and make to look like a real tooth. It is placed on top of the tooth that may be yellow, crooked, chipped, or broken. It is also used to correct the gap between two teeth or their alignment. They may also be placed over fillings that have gone wrong.

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Other Dental Implants

Dentures are commonly used by people with plenty of missing teeth. Instead, there are other dental implants that make your teeth look younger. This alternative cosmetic dental treatment is now gaining popularity of a whiter and prettier smile.

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Appointment for Cosmetic Dentistry Services at Kallangur

Our dentists at Kallangur Dental Surgery have up-to-date technology, tools and equipment to provide you with beauty treatments. 

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