A smile is one of the most attractive accessories you can wear. However, if you have large, noticeable gaps in your mouth, dental decay, or both, it might be difficult to put on your best smile every day.

You no longer have to accept traditional dentures as your only option for replacing your lost teeth, thanks to advancements in dentistry. Dental implants in Kurwongbah provide more stable, realistic, and long-lasting replacement teeth. However, proper maintenance is essential to the implant’s lifespan.

So, as you continue reading, you’ll learn some helpful tips for keeping a long-lasting, attractive, and useful grin!

Why It’s Important to Clean Dental Implants Regularly

Maintaining oral hygiene is the primary reason why it is essential to clean dental implants on a regular basis.

Over time, germs and plaque can build up in them. Unremoved plaque and germs can lead to issues like implant failure and gum disease.

Keeping your implants looking their best is another reason to clean them. The same routine cleaning that you use for your natural teeth is necessary for implants since bacteria and plaque can discolour the implant surface.

Four Ways to Clean And Care For Dental Implants

Dental implants need to be properly cleaned and maintained in order to continue looking and working like new. Irritation of the soft and hard tissues surrounding your implants is more likely to occur if you take care of your dental implants improperly. It may cause the dental implant and bone to disappear if treatment is not received. That being said, maintaining your smile’s brightness, health, and beauty for years to come can be achieved by routinely cleaning your dental implants.

Here, we have mentioned how to extend the life of your dental implants in addition to a thorough cleaning guide.

Use A Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Soft bristles remove tartar and plaque equally, as well as medium or hard bristles, but they are less likely to hurt or bleed your gums. Compared to manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes have been demonstrated to be more successful in disrupting and eliminating bacteria from teeth due to their higher brush stroke count. Make sure the toothbrush you select has soft bristles, whether it’s an electric or manual one.

Brush Twice A Day

Morning breath is eliminated with a quick brushing after waking up. It removes microorganisms that have built up in the mouth during the night. Brushing in the evening before bed reduces the risk of plaque formation and degeneration overnight and helps to eliminate bacteria that have gathered during the day. Many dentists advise brushing to get rid of food particles and bacteria after every meal or as needed throughout the day.

Use Low-Abrasive Toothpaste

If your toothpaste contains baking soda or stain-remover agents, the glaze on porcelain implants may peel off, and the acrylic may wear off. Use toothpaste free of these abrasive substances. Get toothpaste designed especially to fit dental implants, or ask your dentist what toothpaste is best.

Brush Under And Around The Implant Crown

Plaque and bacteria can gather under and around the implant crown, raising the possibility of peri-implantitis. If your implant is located at the rear of your mouth, you may want to use an interdental brush with a small head or an angled-neck toothbrush to reach these areas.

Take Care of Dental Implants with Kallangur Dental Surgery

You now understand how to maintain dental implants in Kurwongbah. If you maintain them, your dental implants should last a long time. However, if you are still confused, you can always contact a professional for dental implant cleaning. Furthermore, if your dental implant becomes damaged, you should call your dentist right away. This allows you to retain a bright and healthy grin.

We at Kallangur Dental Surgery are dedicated to maximizing the benefits of dental implants for you. Our team’s goal is to restore your gorgeous smile to its full potential by offering high-calibre dental restorations. Give us a call to arrange your next dental appointment!

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