Children’s Dental Emergencies

Being active and at a growing age, children are the most prone to dental emergencies. This could be due to accidents that may occur while they’re playing or sudden infection in their teeth.

It is important for you to know that certain situations your children face with their teeth cannot be neglected. In fact, you cannot delay your appointment with your dentist if your child is facing pain or has broken a tooth or braces in the mouth.

We, at Kallangur Dental Surgery, understand the seriousness and urgency of such situations and provide emergency appointments on the same day.


Common Dental Emergencies Faced by Children

  • Toothache: Caused by infection
  • Getting knocked out of teeth: Due to infection or accidents
  • Breaking of braces: Due to accidents


Home Remedies You Can Follow During Emergency

Coming to the dentist is bound to take some time – the time taken in commuting and then waiting at the clinic till a dentist attends to your child. Till then, your child is still in pain.
Thus, to make it easy for your child, there are certain remedies you can follow at home to subside pain for the time being. In the above-mentioned situations, you can provide temporary relief to your children before you bring them to the clinic.


Following are some common remedies you can follow to make toothache tolerable for your child till he sees the dentist:

  • Give him a glass of warm salted water and ask him to rinse more on the affected area.
  • Thoroughly clean the food stuck in his teeth.
  • Give an ice pack to compress on the cheek around the affected area.
  • In case of severe pain, you can give a painkiller for children.

Breaking of a Tooth

In case your child breaks or knocks-out a tooth, you need to do the following:

  • Rinse his mouth with clean, warm water.
  • Try collecting the broken tooth by the crown and keep it in saline or milk.
  • Use a cloth to stop bleeding.
  • In case of swollen gums, apply an ice pack.
  • Rush to the clinic while he’s still using an ice pack.

Breaking of Braces

Breaking of braces can also prove to be painful and harms the on-going treatment. Follow these simple steps in case the accident occurs:

  • Use a pencil to slowly move the wire back to place.
  • Use gauze, cotton or gum to cover the edges.
  • Rush to the dentist while you do this.

Guarantee of Same Day Appointment to Children for Emergency

Children between the age of 2-17 years fall under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Children’s emergencies are given priority and an eligible dentist is always available for such situations.

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