IV Sedation is commonly used to help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed during their dental treatment. If you qualify for sedation dentistry, you are most probably wondering about the benefits and risks associated with it. Here in this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about IV sedation. So, keep reading.

What Is IV Sedation?

Intravenous sedation or IV sedation is the administration of sedatives directly in the blood flow through an IV. Sedatives are carefully dosed to keep the patients calm and quiet while closely monitoring their essential signs and state of consciousness.

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, our dentists will choose the sedation method or dose that would require the least amount of medication for the desired effect. In other words, we avoid over-sedating or under-sedating.

However, in this article, we will discuss all the benefits and risks associated with IV sedation for your understanding.

Benefits of IV Sedation

IV sedation encompasses administering medication through a needle while you undergo the treatment. These anti-anxiety medicines help keep you calm and reduce uneasiness during your treatment and appointment. There are several important benefits of this medication, including –

Conscious Sedation

With IV sedation, you are not completely unconscious as with local anaesthesia. Neither will you fall asleep, nor will you be fully aware of what is happening during your treatment with IV sedation medication. Besides, you can respond to any verbal cues your dentist gives when having your teeth cleaned or other dental work done. Your discomfort during the treatment is also reduced.

Fast-Acting Sedation

IV sedation provides relief from dental anxiety quickly since the anti-anxiety medication goes right to your bloodstream. This sedation medication works faster than oral or inhaled sedation. With IV sedation, you won’t have to wait long for the effects to kick in, which reduces your time at the dental clinic.

Easy Dosage Adjustment

Dentists can easily adjust the dosage of IV sedation according to your need. These easily adjustable dosages help ensure that you receive the correct amount of medication to ease your nervousness.

Risks of IV Sedation

IV sedation is considered safe only if you possess a good health condition. Your dentist will ask about underlying health conditions or other factors to determine whether you are a good candidate for IV sedation. If you are opting for this medication, keep in mind that its risks are rare. Working with a well-trained dentist in Kallangur is important to keep you safe and reduce problems. However, it is important to be aware of all the risks. So, let’s begin.

Over Sedation

Over sedation could lead to several serious problems. But dentists quickly make adjustments to IV sedation doses, which makes the over-sedation less likely to occur. So, it is important that you consult with a qualified dentist with plenty of sedation experience.

Respiratory Problems

IV sedation medication sometimes causes respiratory distress if you have been too profoundly sedated, although this condition is rare.

A good dentist will monitor for respiratory distress and other health problems that can arise during the treatment.

Longer Recovery

The effects of IV sedation can take hours to wear off, which can be unsafe. Make sure someone brings you to the clinic and drives you home afterward. You should also avoid driving for some days or for as long as your dentist recommends in order to allow the effects of sedatives to disappear fully.

A Safe IV Sedation Experience At Kallangur Dental Surgery

Proper care for your dental health is important for the health of your entire body. Avoiding the dentist because of dental phobia can lead to a range of preventable problems. IV sedation can help you eliminate your anxiety while undergoing dental treatment.

At Kallangur Dental Surgery, our experienced dentists are licensed and qualified to provide IV sedation and mitigate the risks by closely monitoring your blood pressure, breathing, and other vital signs. Learn more about how IV sedation works and how we can deliver a safe experience by booking your free initial consult in Kallangur. Remember, being informed will help you feel more relaxed.

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