Teeth Whitening in Murrumba Downs

Are You a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening in Murrumba Downs

You don’t have to hide your beautiful smile just because your teeth are discoloureddiscolored. Your family dentists at Murrumba Downs will help you restore the beauty of your teeth. You can undergo the process of teeth lightening at Kallangur Dental Surgery in Murrumba Downs if you have yellow or brown stained teeth. 

However, not everyone should choose to consider undergoing the whitening of teeth process because the procedure may not show effective results not to forget there could be side effects. 





There are good candidates and bad candidates for teeth whitening process. Here is a list of people who are considered as bad candidates and should not undergo the process:

People with Dental Issues or Gum Problems – If you are already suffering fromwith oral health problems like exposed roots, periodontitis, gingivitis, cavities or broken teeth then the process of teeth whitening is not for you. The bleaching procedures penetrate deep in the inner parts of your teeth which may cause sensitivity. 

Pregnant/Lactating Women and Young Children – Dentists use hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which can be ingested or absorbed by pregnant/lactating women during the whitening process, which can be harmful to the baby. For children under 16, the nerve of the tooth or the pulp chamber is enlarged and the whitening process can irritate this nerve or pulp and make it sensitive. 

People With Prosthetic Teeth – Whitening treatments do not work bonding materials or porcelain, so it is not possible for people with dentures, veneers, implants, or crowns to whiten them. If you do want the prosthetics to look white, then you must speak to the dentist. It is possible to whiten them before their installation. Porcelain especially is quite resistant to stains and does not change colour  color when exposed to beverages. 

People With Sensitive Teeth – Bleaching solutions tend to remove some minerals present in the enamel and cause the teeth to become porous. The already exposed microtubules in the teeth are further affected during the whitening treatment. This can damage your teeth


Types of Teeth Whitening in Murrumba Downs

We offer two types of whitening procedures in our Kallangur clinic. Depending on your comfort and availability you can choose any one of the whitening processes mentioned below:

Zoom Whitening in Murrumba Downs

At Kallangur Dental Surgery clinic, our dentists whiten discoloureddiscolored teeth with Zoom Whitening. It helps in getting rid of all types of stubborn stains on your teeth. The process takes just about an hour. 

Take-Home Teeth whitening Services

Murrumba downs dentists create customized trays that can be used with bleaching gel provided by us. You will be instructed about its usage at home, by our dentists. 



Murrumba Downs locals can visit our Clinic for Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening can improve the appearance of your smile and make you more confident. Our Kallangur Dental Surgery at Murrumba Downs is open from Monday to Saturday. You can book an appointment with us calling at 07 3886 0933 or pay a visit here-

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