Want to know the secrets of how to floss easily? Flossing is essential dental hygiene practice. It cleans and removes food stuck between your teeth, reducing plaque and bacteria in your mouth.

However, the majority of us floss far less than we should. Perhaps we don’t think we have time for it, perhaps it hurts our gums, or perhaps we simply don’t feel like it. Yet, using dental floss regularly is so important for your oral health that there is no reason not to do so. It’s really simple to develop the habit, especially if you follow these 6 dentist-recommended flossing guidelines.

#1. Choose the Best Floss for You To Make Flossing Easier

Although it may appear that the typical container of floss is all that the world has to offer, there are really several different forms available. If your teeth are very close to each other, you may find it difficult to fit normal floss between them; consider fine floss. You can also purchase flavoured floss for a minty aftertaste if you want your mouth to feel particularly clean.

Moreover, if you are having difficulties reaching between your back teeth, try using a floss pick to get a little more reach.

#2. Consider using a Water Pick

Maybe regular floss is not up to the mark for you. If that’s the case, water flossing, also known as water picking, is a great option. Because it works by flushing water between the teeth using a portable instrument to eliminate food debris and plaque.

On the other hand, water flossing doesn’t remove 100% of plaque; therefore, your best bet is to combine water flossing with normal flossing.

#3. Set Reminders

Many people complain that they don’t floss because they can’t really remember. You can overcome this by simply setting a reminder on your phone. Flossing is often more effective in the evening than in the morning, so consider putting it on your pillow. That way, you won’t forget about it before going to bed.

#4. Improve Your Technique

Flossing is only beneficial if done correctly. To floss more effectively, follow these steps:

  • You will need 18 inches of floss
  • Wrap the floss around your middle fingers
  • Tightly hold the floss between the index fingers and thumbs of each hand
  • Gently rub the floss between your teeth
  • Never bend it against your gums
  • Gently rub the tooth’s side up and down in an upward and downward motion
  • Go between all of your teeth and behind your last molars

#5. Get That Fresh Breath Feeling

Flossing may be uncomfortable at first, but your gums will become used to it. Once you get accustomed to it, you will wonder how you ever got by without flossing. Interestingly, your mouth will start to feel a lot less clean if you don’t do it for one day.

#6. Visit A Dentist Regularly

Nothing beats a routine dental check-up. With our friendly team of specialists, you will not only receive the greatest dental care available, but you will also discover how much fun and easy it is to have healthy, bright teeth!

Impress Our Kallangur Dental Surgery Dentists With Your Flossing

Although developing healthy habits takes time, you may use the above tips and tricks to make flossing a breeze. Once you floss regularly, you might soon enjoy massaging your gums and preventing cavities.

However, consult our dentists at Kallangur Dental Surgery about your oral health if you find flossing painful even after regular use. Our dentists will evaluate your technique and offer the best way to floss without hurting your gums.

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